Mennonite Nursing Home

Recreational Activities


Many special events for the residents at the Mennonite Nursing Home are planned by the Recreation Department Team. Some of these events include planning special musical programs, monthly birthday parties, church services, Christmas dinner parties, crackling breakfasts, wiener roasts, roll kuchen and watermelon dinners, Log Cabin Dinners, memorial services, various denominational Communion Services and parties of all sorts, as well as regular daily programming.

Recreation Staff

The Activity staff also spend time with residents on a one-on-one or individual basis. Activities may include reading a short story or a Scripture passage, holding their hand, talking with them, singing a song, playing piano or guitar or praying with them.

The Recreation Department is responsible for organizing the much appreciated volunteer program for our residents. We have volunteers who lead the Sunday Morning Services, volunteers who work in our canteen, decorate for Christmas, those who help serve at our special meals for our residents, many groups and individuals bring musical programs and much more.

Take an hour a week, or an hour a month and volunteer with us! We can work around your schedule and we have a variety of programs to get involved with—such as special events, parties, friendly visiting, small and large group programs and many others! If you are interested in volunteering, please call (306) 232-4861 or e-mail for more information.

Monthly resident activity calendars are prepared and available for family and friends as are the minutes from the monthly resident council meetings (available on bulletin board by the Recreation Office.) Resident participation in all activities is voluntary. The Recreation Team cares deeply for the residents and works hard to bring special moments of peace and happiness into their lives.

The Mennonite Nursing Home is always looking for volunteers! Volunteer individually or with a group—just let us know what you prefer! Call Today!

Facts and information regarding the Youth Farm Complex Auxiliary (everything that you wanted to know but were afraid to ask).

The help given by the Auxiliary and volunteers is very much appreciated.
We are grateful for their willingness to participate and join with us in making the Mennonite Nursing Home and Pineview a better place for the residents.

The Mennonite Youth Farm Complex Auxiliary came into being in 1995. Membership is open to anyone who is willing to pay the membership fee of $1.00. Auxiliary members and other volunteers operate the Canteen located in the Pineview Recreation Room with all revenue going towards the purchase of items for the residents on the Complex. The Auxiliary has worked diligently to raise funds for different projects within the Nursing Home and Pineview.

Log Cabin Event

The major fundraising event is the May Day Tea and Cake Walk held annually in May. From 1995-2005 the YFC Auxiliary has contributed approx. $40,000 towards projects benefiting the Nursing Home and its residents. Some of the purchases the Auxiliary has made include song books, Christmas decorations, picture frames, fresh flowers for special occasions, oximeter, and tablecloths. They have also taken on much larger projects such as raising funds towards the purchase of Broda chairs, elevator in Pineview, and over $10,000 has been used for power beds. More recently, the Auxiliary has been fundraising for two towel warmers for the Mennonite Nursing Home. The towel warmers have been purchased and are in use on both the East and West sides. The residents really love to get wrapped in a warm towel after their bath, or on a cold day.

As willing volunteers, they also help out with events such as: Christmas decorating, Christmas Dinners, Easter Brunch, Telemiracle Pie Social, BBQ Dinners, Log Cabin Dinners, and Fall Suppers. This committed group of ladies has done—and continues to do—a fantastic job!

A hardy THANK YOU goes out to our dedicated Auxiliary and Volunteers!