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Junior Staff

All Junior Staff positions are voluntary, unpaid, leadership training experiences. You must have completed grade 9 in order to apply for one of these positions. 



One-three week position

Responsible to the CIT Director

If you are looking for a summer opportunity to serve others and grow in your faith the counsellor-in-training position is a great fit! You will assist the counsellors, working with them as a team, to give the campers a super camp experience. You will be placed in a cabin, alongside a counsellor, who will give you guidance and encouragement as you grow in leadership and service skills. The campers are your main priority, serving them, showing God's love, and sharing your faith. These will come in practical, physical ways, as well as, spiritual ways. A few examples of CIT tasks are leading wake-up games, skill groups, and one night of cabin devotions


One-three week position

Responsible to the Wrangler and CIT Director 

The wrangler-in-training positions are for those of you who love animals! You will feed the horses and the petting zoo animals, as well as, complete daily chores in the petting zoo.  You will also spend time with the campers during skills time by assisting the wrangler in leading these riding lessons. This will give you the opportunity to serve, show God's love, and share your faith with the campers. You will also be sleeping in a cabin during your WIT weeks, connecting with the campers and other staff through this experience.  During downtime, you will be able to ride and exercise the horses alongside the wangler, who will be mentoring you throughout your weeks at camp.  The wrangler will give you guidance and encouragement as you grow in your faith and leadership skills.

Junior Kitchen Help

One-three week position

Responsible to the Head Cook and CIT Director 

Everyone loves camp food and getting to be behind the scenes is even better! Junior kitchen help will work alongside the head cook to either help prepare and serve meals and/or be a part of the cleanup crew. This is an opportunity to grow in leadership and servanthood, serving all the campers and staff in a practical way.  You will get to stay in a cabin with the campers and join in evening camp activities.

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