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Own The Vision

We are committed to being a place that shares Jesus and is a place for people to serve. First and foremost, we have a summer camp that provides 11 weeks of programming for all ages. During these weeks community is built, activities happen and we worship our God. We pray together, grow together and have a lot of fun. It is life-changing for both campers and staff.

We need you

In order to have this ministry, we need to have many people "own" the vision and support the organization financially. 25% of our $600,000 budget is raised through donations. 25% is raised through camper fees. 25% is raised through the Corn Maze and 25% through Retreats, Rentals, Grants, Sales, and other income. We are always spending money on improving/growing our facilities so that there is a greater number of people that we can impact.


Here at the Youth Farm Bible Camp, we strive for financial integrity, to be good financial stewards.

A few areas supported by donors in the past have been:

  • summer camp programs

  • developing young leaders

  • mission trip to Mexico

  • school programming for at-risk youth

  • youth retreats


Programming and staffing cost about $360,000 each year. 

Programming includes our summer camp, annual Mexico Mission Trip, school groups, corn maze activities, and animal care. We desire to see these programs grow, reach more people, and provide new activities. 


Throughout the years we have been able to grow our year-round staff to provide strength and stability to both our summer program and our year-round activities. Even in the winter, the camp is a busy place with events, conferences, retreats, fundraising, planning summer, meetings and more. One of the exciting things we have been able to do is support church and community events through bringing some of our portable equipment for carnivals.


For the summer months, we have 20 paid staff for the months of July and August and around 10 for the months of May-October.


Each year we seek to spend about $100,000 on capital projects. We realize that not much has been spent on the camp to improve it during the 1980s, 1990s and early 2000s. Our desire is to continue to grow YFBC as a mission centre.


In the past few years, we have been blessed with the opportunity to move two historic buildings onto our site. In 2011 we moved the former Eigenheim Church onto our yard. This building has provided us with a larger, more dedicated chapel space, office space, and a basement for hosting guests and camp activities.


During the winter of 2013, we moved a hip roof barn onto the yard. The first barn on site since June 7, 1988, when the last remaining barn was lost to a fire. This is used to house our petting zoo animals and at this time, is also an ongoing project.


There are always ongoing operation expenses to keep the YFBC ministry going. Things included in our expenses are insurance and taxes, vehicle registrations and maintenance, property maintenance, utilities, and office supplies. Although these are not always the 'fun' areas to spend our funds, we could not function the same way without vehicles, running water, standing buildings, or an office. 


Operating costs need about $100,000 of our budget each year. We gratefully receive gifts given to our 'general fund' to support these ongoing expenses and needs to keep our ministry going behind the scenes. 


We are also always looking for the helping hands of willing volunteers to assist us in taking care of maintenance, landscaping, and cleaning projects - some of the tasks that go along with these expenses. If you are interested in giving to YFBC in this way find more information here. 

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