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Kids Camps at YFBC

Experience God //  Meet Friends // Have Fun


Make sure you have a Summer Camp Experience at the Youth Farm Bible Camp!

Animals wandering in the petting zoo, horses saddled, canoes at the edge of the water, the climbing wall standing at attention - the calm before the storm of excitement, accomplishment, and thrilling delight. It’s skill time at the Youth Farm Bible Camp! Campers move out from the chapel covering all the corners and edges of the camp yard.  It’s time to learn new skills, build friendships, and develop bigger confidence. Drifting over the yard is the sound of fun - the sound of camp.

At camp kids are kids. Unplugged and outside. Active and exploring. Meeting new people - friends and mentors. The smell of the campfire, the feel of curly sheep wool, the sound of joyful singing, the sight of old friends reunited, and the taste of ripe red watermelon.  This is camp.

YFBC Camp Dates - Summer 2024

Second Child is half price!

Children's Overnight Camp 1 - ages 7-12, July 14-19 - $360+GST (Five Day Camp)

Day Camp - ages 5-8, July 29-August 2 - $200

Junior Teen - ages 12-15, July 28-August 2 - $360+GST (Five Day Camp)


Children's Overnight Camp 3 - ages 7-12, August 11-16 - $360 + GST (5 Day Camp)


Questions? Contact us at 306-232-5133 or

Day Camp

Not Ready for Overnight Camp Yet?

We Have Just the Thing!


Our Day Camp program has the same great fun as our other camps but it all fits between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM every day. 

Please send a bathing suit and towel with your child on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. As well, sunscreen, hats and water bottles are also recommended as your child will be spending time outside.

Day Camp - ages 5-8, July 29-August 2 - $200

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