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Senior Staff

All senior staff positions are paid roles and require that you have graduated from grade 12



9 weeks position

Being a counsellor at YFBC is a great opportunity for you to grow in your faith and relationship with the Lord while serving others through camp ministry.  You will learn and grow in your leadership skills by developing relationships with your campers by welcoming them, praying for them, and interacting with them daily. You will be in charge of your cabin by making sure their needs are met to the best of your ability, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual.  You will have the help of a counsellor-in-training, whom you will guide and encourage as they develop their own leadership skills and grow in their faith.  You may also have this role for other junior staff staying in your cabin. A counsellor is expected to lead a skill event, lead cabin devotions, and encourage/motivate campers to keep their cabin clean. It is important to have a positive and friendly attitude, participate in all activities, remain professional with all other staff,  and overall, model the example of Jesus Christ as you serve at YFBC.

Head Cook

Two-three month position

Responsible to the Executive Director 

The head cook gets to work behind the scenes, creating the amazing camp food everyone loves!  Your role includes planning menus for a variety of camps/dietary restrictions, purchasing food to meet the budget and guidelines of the YFBC Board, preparing and serving meals, and maintaining a clean and sanitary kitchen. It is expected that the Head Cook abides by the Department of Health and Safety regulations.  At the end of the summer, the kitchen will need to be deep cleaned and an evaluation will need to be provided for future Head Cooks and the YFBC food service department. Examples are sample menus, supply lists, or recipes. Other areas of your leadership role are managing the junior kitchen helper and volunteers, leading devotions with the kitchen staff, and being the example of Jesus Christ as you serve at YFBC.

Program Director

Three-four month position

Responsible to the Executive Director

The program director is a key role in leadership during our summer camp.  This position is responsible for setting up and preparing for all camp activities, leading and giving instructions for activities, and being upfront to make announcements, create excitement, and connect with the camp community as a whole.  The program director may have the opportunity to start 4-8 weeks earlier than camp in order to help with YFBC events and preparations for summer camp.  This time may also include work around the YFBC yard to prepare the site before campers arrive. This individual will encourage all campers and staff to be excited about camp and the program while leading by example and modelling Jesus Christ as they serve at YFBC.

Junior Staff Director

Three-four month position

Responsible to the Executive Director

The Junior Staff program is a very important part of our summer camp ministry and directing this program is a great opportunity to invest in these young leaders. The CIT Director position starts 6-8 weeks before camp begins in order to recruit CITs, WITs, & Junior Kitchen Help and process applications. There will also be other responsibilities given to this individual as they join the year-round staff in preparing the yard and facilities for the camp season. Once camp begins, the CIT Director will lead the Junior Staff Program by planning and presenting their orientation days, leading Junior Staff devotions, coordinating their time-off, and being an example of biblical leadership as you encourage and guide these Junior Staff to grow in their leadership skills and relationship with Jesus. All Junior Staff are responsible to the CIT Director and the Executive Director. 

As part of the summer leadership staff, the Junior Staff Director is not limited to the tasks listed above. There are tasks and jobs where an extra set of hands may be required and as a leader, you will be called upon to help. It is important for the Junior Staff Director to be involved in camp activities and spending time with campers when possible. This is also a great support to counsellors and other leadership staff. 

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