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Vereniki Fundraiser

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

5:00-7:00PM at the Youth Farm Bible Camp

The menu for our supper is as follows:

Vereniki (perogies) - Cottage Cheese and Potato Cheddar

Mennonite Farmer Sausage

Cream Gravy and Fruit Sauces


Soft Serve Ice Cream

Admission by Donation

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Mennonite Story

Mennonites are a part of the Radical Reformation of the 1500s and got our name from Menno Simons, a Catholic Priest who joined the fledging Anabaptist movement in 1536. Mennonites believe in priesthood of all believers, pacifism, Christian service, importance of community for understanding the Bible through Holy Spirit, adult baptism, and more. We were chased all over Europe under significant persecution from both Catholics and Protestant governments.  In 1778 Catharine the Great offered free land, religious and educational privileges and a military exemption. The Mennonites established farming and manufacturing communities that became very successful.  And started eating Sausage and Verenki!

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Vereniki & Sausage

Mennonites have a centuries old tradition of having cottage cheese Vereniki with cream gravy, fruit sauces and farmer sausage.  Other cultures in the Ukraine appreciate the potato cheddar filling instead.  So we always offer both styles at our Fund Raiser.

SINCE 1993

We have been having this fund raiser for the Youth Farm Bile Camp since 1993! The only ones missed was during COVID in 2020 and 2021.  Margaret Janzen was the one behind making and catering the meal for the first twenty-five years. In 2020 we did a drive through meal and it was the last one with her Vereniki.  What a great tradition.


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Download the Poster for our
Vereniki & Sausage Supper

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